XRP and NFT in the spotlight as Ripple Partner SBI Announces Service for World Expo


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Jul 15, 2023

XRP and NFT in the spotlight as ripple Partner SBI Announces Service for World Expo

Ripple partner SBI Holdings on Monday announced the launch of non-fungible token NFTs issued on the XRP Ledger, as part of the company’s sponsorship of the “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet” project at the World Expo.Myaku N!“The NFT service will allow users to purchase original NFTs from the EXPO2025 Digital Wallet starting July 1.

SBI Holdings Launches NFT Minted on XRP Ledger

Ripple’s partner SBI Holdings of Japan has started minting World Expo 2025 NFTs on the XRP Ledger. Users can get free Expo 2025 NFTs issued on the Myaku-N! XRP Ledger digital wallet on iOS and Google+.

According to the press release, SBI Holdings will sponsor the “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet” project at the 2025 World Expo in Japan and announced the EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet NFT service, according to the press release. The NFT is limited to 500 users.

Users can still acquire and create rare NFTs, but they are for souvenir purposes and cannot be transferred or resold. SBI crypto exchange business SBI VC Trade and NFT business SBINFT plan to serve the 28.2 million people expected to visit the 2025 World Expo Osaka, Kansai Expo.

NFTs from the World Expo will not be viewable after October 13, 2025. The company will terminate its digital wallet app service after the expo.

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World Expo 2025 NFTs

NFTs can be viewed in real time on the XRPL explorer Bithomp. Users can collect NFTs according to their ranking as a reward for the “MyakuMyaku Bounty Program”. Users can do more with higher status in NFTs, which can be increased by performing Expo actions such as the Expo’s electronic money “Myakupe!”

SBI has announced additional giveaways, raffles, and prizes, including the “Myakumyakupon!” giveaway campaign. Focusing on XRP and NFTs will help increase the reach and adoption of these crypto-related technologies. Ripple and SBI Holdings have partnered on a range of solutions, including supply chain, new remittance corridors, and mobile payment app MoneyTap.

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